About Pluginic

A Team of Expert Developers and Designers You Can Trust to Get Stuff Done.

Who We Are

Pluginic, a WordPress solution service provider and plugin development company. We mainly focus on the WordPress platform and specifies solely on WordPress plugins and theme development.

Our experts crafted really carefully all our free and premium plugins to ensure the enhancement of millions of WordPress sites’ productivity worldwide.

Our diverse product list includes both simple and complex plugins to meet different people’s needs, but these products ensure simplicity of use. We promise you having an exceptional experience on your favorite WordPress platform.

Our Vision

Top service provider for all kinds of web, graphic & business solutions.

Our main focus is to deliver high-quality and scalable web design, WordPress themes, and plugins, bug fixing, site maintenance, and consultation. We provide our services to individuals or companies with eCommerce, Project Management, and Enterprise Solutions.

We love simplicity and intuitiveness, so all of our plugins are user-centric and designed to be Frontend. Currently, we’re offering a handful of WordPress plugins with great features to enhance your productivity as site owners of this platform.

Our Mission

WordPress is not just a blog publishing tool, it has evolved a lot. It offers a perfect environment to develop and serve more complex and real-life plugins. These plugins enhance the core functionality of WordPress and increase the productivity of site owners.

Our expert development team has enough knowledge and information about the WordPress ecosystem. With these valuable insights and expertise, now we’re targeting some of the most unconventional plugins. As our mission is to provide an exceptional experience to our customers while working on WordPress.