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As per studies, 53% of shoppers (more than half of US Shoppers) consider online ratings to be the most influential factor in online shopping.

Now you know how important ratings are for your product or service site.

And perhaps this is exactly why you are looking for the WordPress rating plugin for your website.

Well, in that case, this guide has got you covered.

WordPress offers so many rating plugins to help you add a rating solution to your site. And from there, I bring you the best ones that can help you generate more leads for your business.

In this guide, I’ve listed the 10 best WordPress rating plugin for both free and premium versions that will definitely help you take your website’s customer journey to the next level.

10 Best WordPress Rating Plugin

Basically, WordPress ratings work in two ways, firstly, you can rate your own product, and secondly, customers can give your product and service a rating.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin

Ratings are the social proof of your website, which plays a huge role in reducing or increasing your business profits.

Study shows that, when it comes to purchasing any product or service online, 9 out of 10 people consider seeing reviews and ratings.

Even a single-star rating change can affect your conversions in dramatic ways and a positive rating can convince others to purchase your products or service.

So, if you are looking to add a rating system to your website, here is the hand-picked best WordPress rating plugin for you.

1. WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers

WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers

The top plugin in my list is the WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers. If you’re looking for a simple way to add a rating system to your site, then this plugin is perfect for you.

The best part of this plugin is it not only allows visitors to rate products or services, but also lets the editors rate and review their own products.

If you run an affiliate website, this plugin is a must-have for you. Using this, you can add a distinct, quick, and easily accessible review box to each product of your content which will add more value to your content as well as to the users.

attractive product review box,

Adding an attractive product review box, including a small description, features, pros, cons, and a rating widget to your site, couldn’t be easier than with this plugin.

It is one of the most user-friendly, responsive, and 100% customizable as well as beginner-friendly plugins, which you will find really time-saving and easy to use.

user-friendly, responsive, and 100% customizable rating plugin

When you rate one of your products using this plugin, your readers can also rate the product based on the features you rate.

Besides that, you can make the most out of this plugin without requiring a single line of coding.

WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers Features:

  • Provides different styles of rating and review boxes.
  • Allows category-wise rating.
  • Gives an overall score based on product rating.
  • Include the affiliate button inside the review box.
  • Supports schema to get rich snippets in the SERP.
  • Intuitive shortcode generator.
  • Editorial Rating Sidebar sticky.

WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers Pricing:

You can use this fully functional plugin for free.

However, it also has a premium version with 3 different packages and more advanced features.

No matter what type of business you have, this plugin’s premium packages cover them all.

  • Personal (1 Site) – $19.99
  • Business (5 Site) – $74.99
  • Agency (Unlimited Sites) – $149.99

2. Rate My Post: WP Post Rating

Rate My Post WP Post Rating

The next up on my list is the Rate my post plugin. And as the name implies, this plugin allows you to add rating functionality for your website visitors.

Not only this, but it also allows your visitors to send you private feedback after rating your post or pages. With this plugin, you can add a star rating system to any post or page on your website. Visitors can rate your posts by clicking the “Rate my post” button at the bottom of each post.

It is easy to use and doesn’t require any manual coding. This way, website owners find this one really convenient to use this plugin again and again.

Rate My Post Features:

  • Add rating functionality either automatically or using shortcode.
  • Custom rating widgets for posts and pages (pro).
  • Display ratings before the content of each post visually.
  • Includes a stat section to see the average rating and number of votes.
  • Allows changing ratings in the admin panel.
  • Add structured data for Rich Snippets (pro).

Rate My Post Pricing:

This is a free-to-use plugin. Whereas to use the advanced options like creating custom rating widgets, you need to purchase the pro version, which has two following packages-

  • Personal 1 Website – $49 /yr
  • Freelancer 5 Websites – $149 /yr

3. GD Rating System

GD Rating System

GD rating system is the updated version of the GD star rating plugin. It uses a modular structure with add-ons and different rating method features.

If you have different materials on your website, this can be a perfect option to rate each material. For instance, you can use this plugin to display ratings on your blog posts, pages, and even comments.

This means you can let your visitors rate almost all the aspects of your website and gather feedback from them for further improvement.

However, with this highly customizable, versatile, and shortcode-enabled plugin, you can place the rating system anywhere on your website’s posts or pages.

GD Rating System Features:

  • 14+ widgets for rating list and single rating block.
  • 27 shortcodes with a range of attributes.
  • Adds a lot of functions for adding rating blocks.
  • Import data from WP Post Ratings, YASR, and KK star ratings.
  • Incorporate star, thumb, like this, emoji, and slider rating options.
  • Support rich snippet for book and recipe (pro).

GD Rating System Pricing:

GD Rating has both free and paid versions. However, for the paid version, you need to choose between One Year (with manual renewal), Annual Subscription (auto renewal), or Lifetime (one-time payment) licenses.

All these licenses have 4 different packages that start at $49.00.

4. YASR: Yet Another Stars Rating

YASR Yet Another Stars Rating

One of the best WordPress rating plugins is YASR. This plugin provides users with a star rating system, which makes it easy to rate and review posts with its clean interface with no coding required.

Additionally, it allows both the editor and users to rate the products and services within a few minutes. Besides that, this plugin can help you to boost your SEO and increase the number of visits with its rich snippets.

One thing that makes this plugin different from the rest is that, using it, you can also migrate ratings from other plugins, for example, WP-Post Rating, KK Star Rating, Rate My Post, and Multi Rating.

YASR Features:

  • Supports 50+ rich snippet or schema types for blogs, local businesses, movies, products, recipes, etc.
  • 10+ shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks.
  • Users can leave a review in the comment form (pro).
  • Multi-criteria rating for both editor and users.
  • Create custom rankings for users (pro).

YASR Pricing:

Yet another stars rating plugin has a free and pro version, and the pro version of this plugin includes the following packages-

  • Plus (5 websites) – $9.99/month
  • Single (1 website) – $4.99/month
  • Enterprise (30 websites) – $14.99/month

5. StarCat Reviews Plugin

StarCat Reviews Plugin

If you are looking for a developer-centered rating plugin with a range of features, you can go for this Starcat Review plugin. You can use this plugin to build any type of review site from scratch without any technicalities.

If you sell products online, then you should consider using this plugin because it will help you improve your customer service. This plugin is fully WooCommerce integrated, so you can easily collect product ratings for quality assurance.

Everything from adding rating options for your products to displaying customer reviews for your website posts and pages is automated with this plugin.

StarCat Reviews Plugin Features:

  • User ratings can be limited to users who are logged in to your site.
  • The rating system can be customized along with the rating icon.
  • Multi-criteria ratings.
  • Shows overall rating stats
  • Users can upvote and reply to other reviews.
  • Enable user rating for posts or pages
  • Show overall rating stats

StarCat Reviews Plugin Pricing:

You can use this plugin completely free.

6. Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem WordPress Review WordPress rating plugins

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin is one of the best premium WordPress rating plugins available. It provides an automatic rating of your posts and pages, helping you to improve your SEO.

It is super easy to use and can be added to your WordPress blog in minutes. With this one, you can add beautiful resting boxes to your site with lots of customization options.

The best part is that you have complete control over how you want to display the rating box. From changing the fonts to colors, images, styles, and criteria, you can customize almost everything as per your need.

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin Features:

  • Supports rating post, page, and custom post type.
  • Unlimited review criteria, colors, and typography options.
  • Users can rate in 3 styles (stars, points, and percentages.)
  • Multiple options to rate the images.
  • Schema supported.

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin Pricing:

It is one of the most affordable premium rating plugins, which comes in the following packages-

  • Regular License – $29 (6 months) and $38 (12 months).
  • Extended License – $299 (6 months) and $401.75 (12 months).

7. Rating-Widget

Rating-Widget WordPress rating plugins

One of the best WordPress rating plugins to create unlimited thumb and star ratings and collect votes is Rating-Widget.

It is well known for its advanced features and largest rating theme collection systems. This plugin allows you to add a rating system to your blog for different categories, pages, comments, woo-commerce, and forums.

The best part about this plugin is that you can get instant feedback and keep your users more engaged by using the single-click feedback functionality on your blog.

Apart from all these, you can even place the rating widget in your sidebar to showcase the top-rated posts, pages, and comments of your website.

Rating-Widget Features:

  • Includes more than 70 five-star rating themes and thumbs rating designs.
  • Unlimited star and thumb ratings.
  • Highly responsive, multilingual, and customizable.
  • Add Rich-Snippets metadata to add star ratings.
  • Allows changing rating type, layout, language, alignment, and more.
  • No CSS, PHP, code, or other configuration is required.
  • Manage the rating system from the dashboard

Rating-Widget Pricing:

The amazing part is that you can use this feature-rich plugin absolutely free.

Still, if you want to access all its advanced features, here are the premium packages for you-

  • Starter – $4.99 per month
  • Professional – $8.99/ MO
  • Business – $34.99/ MO

8. WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin

The WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin

The WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin is a must-have for any WordPress site that needs to manage reviews and ratings with an auto structure data schema solution.

This plugin helps you create custom post types to collect reviews and ratings. You will have both single and multi-criteria base ratings for your website post, page, and custom post type.

Overall, the WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin is a simple-to-use plugin that can help you to generate schema and rationing all from your dashboard easily to enhance your website in SERP.

WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Features:

  • Includes multiple reviews and rating layout
  • Offers a panel for managing WooCommerce rating.
  • Supports advanced options like sorting, searching, and filtering.
  • Allows customization of styles, colors, and typography.
  • Auto or manual schema generate.
  • 26+ rich snippets categories.

WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Pricing:

  • Personal (1 Site or Domain) – $29 / Yearly
  • Professional (5 Site or Domain) – $99 / Yearly
  • Agency (Unlimited Sites or Domain) – $199 / Yearly

9. WP Review

WP Review WordPress rating plugin

Are you looking for a WordPress rating plugin that is reliable, user-friendly, and an all-inclusive solution to develop a rating solution for your website?

If yes, then WP Review is definitely worth considering. It will help you to build a full-fledged review website without requiring any technical know-how and a single line of coding.

This amazing plugin is really convenient to use and can deliver you a professional-looking review site within seconds. With this, you will get three different types of rating styles for example, star, point, and percentage.

The WP review plugin is shortcode enabled, which means you can insert the rating box anywhere you want. Besides, it comes in an array of customization options, so it can be customized in any way to blend with your theme.

WP Review Features:

  • 19 different schema types.
  • 16 Predefined Designs
  • Circle and Thumbs rating system (pro).
  • Users can rate features and leave comments on the review.
  • Integrated with Google places review, yelp, Facebook, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Custom image for ratings.

WP Review Pricing:

You will get this plugin in both free and paid versions. And to get the paid version, you need to pay $67.00 for Unlimited Sites.

10. KK Star Ratings

KK star rating plugin

So, my final rating plugin is the KK star rating plugin. Needless to say, this list would be incomplete without this widely used rating plugin.

One of the best WordPress rating plugins that allow you to add star rating options to your homepage, archives, posts, pages, and custom post types. Its comprehensive settings options are really easy to understand.

The amazing thing about this plugin is that it allows your users to define the number of star ratings. Besides that, you can add a top rating widget

KK Star Ratings Features:

  • Allow voting in archives and guests to vote.
  • Voting is restricted per unique IP.
  • Offers adjustments to the number of stars.
  • Choose where to show the star ratings.
  • Control structured data schema and type.

KK Star Ratings Pricing:

It’s a completely free-to-use plugin.

How Do I Add Ratings In WordPress?

Now that you know what the best rating plugins are, let me show you how you can add the rating box to your WordPress website.

For this tutorial, I am going to use the Editorial WordPress review plugin for editors and customers. So, let’s take a look-

Step 1: Install WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers

  • So, first, log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to Plugins and select Add New.
  • Now, from the right side of the screen type “WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers” at the search bar.

Install WordPress Review Plugin for Editor & Customers

  • Once you get the plugin, click on Install now.

After the completion of the installation, select Activate

  • After the completion of the installation, select Activate.

Step 2: Create a Rating Box

Now that the plugin has been added to your site go to any of your posts and scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Here you will find the Editorial Rating box. From here, you can customize the settings to add the rating box in your post.

I. Set The Basics:

Set The Basics Create a Rating Box

  • So, start with clicking the right-side corner arrow to get the entire settings menu.
  • Next, enable the show/hide score on this post button.

enable the showhide score on this post button

  • Now, add the Title/Product name.
  • Write the summary of the product in the Overview box.
  • Add the image of the product.

II. Customize the Editorial Rating System:

Customize The Editorial Rating System

  • Now, start adding the special category of your product.
  • Select the category rating.
  • You can add more than one category; all you need to do is select the “Add More” button and name and rate the category.
  • With the help of three buttons on the right side, you can gradually move your categories up and down, copy, and completely delete them.
  • Turn on the progress bar animation.

III. Set the Pros and Cons

Set The Pros And Cons

  • First, you need to enable the show/hide pros and cons on this post button to add this section to your review box.
  • After that, add the pros and cons list and to create more simply click on the “Add New” button.

IV. Customizing the Affiliate Button

Customizing The Affiliate Butto

  • Next up, you need to add the product button.
  • So, Provide the Button Text and then link up the Affiliate Link.
  • You can also choose to open the link in a new tab and turn the button link no follow.

V. Copy the Shortcode

After completing your full customization, you will find your shortcode below the editorial rating box.

find your shortcode below the editorial rating box

  • Finally, copy the shortcode.

copy the shortcode

  • Place it anywhere in the post you want by clicking the (+) button.
  • Write Shortcode on the search bar.
  • Select the shortcode block.

Select the shortcode block and Paste the copied shortcode

  • Paste the copied shortcode at the block.

Step 3: Publish the Post

Finally, publish the post, and you will get a review and rating box on your post like the below one.

Publish The Post using WordPress rating plugins

Step 4: Add a Rating Widget

You can take your post-viewing experience to the next level by adding a rating widget at the sidebar or footer of your post.

To create the product rating widget, follow the following steps-

You can add the product rating widget in two ways.

  • First, from the appearance section of your WordPress dashboard and,
  • Second, from the theme customization section.

So, let’s see how it works-

Add a Rating Widget

  • So, select the Appearance option from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Then, choose Widget from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the (+) button of the widget you want to place the rating widget and search for the editorial rating block.

search for the editorial rating block

  • Once you get the block, simply click on it and start customizing the settings as you want.
  • Or, you can go to your website post, select the customization option from the top admin bar, then select the Widget menu, and start customizing the editorial rating widget.
  • Again, publish the post, and the product rating widget will be added to your sidebar or footer.

And that’s the final outcome of your post rating widget.

the final outcome of your post rating widget

Which One Should You Get?

So, that covers the 10 best WordPress rating plugin, and all of these are reliable, tested, and proven. These will definitely help you to revamp your website’s rating solution with ease.

However, the final choice of plugins entirely depends on your requirements. I hope this guide will help you find the most suitable rating plugin for your website.

So, tell me which one you are going to use; also share your thoughts about this guide by commenting below.

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