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11 Best YouTube Playlist WordPress Plugin (Free & Paid)

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Are you looking for the best plugin to display YouTube playlists on your website?

Adding YouTube playlists to your site is one of the best ways to improve user engagement, get more attention from your visitors, and make your website more interactive and lively.

It also helps you rank in video carousels on SERPs, drive more traffic to your WordPress site as well as get more subscribers and grow your channel.

Using a plugin is, therefore, a must for you to add YouTube playlists to your WordPress site easily and without any hassle and ensure all these benefits.

So, let’s check out my list of the best YouTube playlist WordPress plugin to add YouTube videos and playlists to your website.

1. YouTube To Gallery

YouTube to gallery beginner-friendly, multifunctional, and responsive plugins

YouTube to gallery is one of the most beginner-friendly, multifunctional, and responsive plugins. It is an API-based plugin that comes with a lot of customization options for you.

You will find this plugin really convenient for creating dynamic YouTube channels or playlists in minutes. From customizing the video order to set the limit, duration, typography, background, and many more advanced features available that you can manage from its user-friendly admin panel.

Best of all, this plugin allows importing videos from both YouTube playlists and user playlists automatically.

Besides, with YouTube to gallery plugin, you don’t need to worry about SEO, as this plugin is SEO optimized which helps you to rank well in the SERP and get optimum organic visitors.

So, if you are someone who is a regular vlogger or have a cooking, music, fashion, entertainment, gaming, or any other type of site relevant to video content, this amazing plugin is a must-have for you.

Key Features of YouTube To Gallery

  • Automatically import videos from YouTube playlists or user playlists.
  • Display videos from YouTube Playlist or Channel.
  • Subscribe Button with live preview.
  • Allows unlimited playlists on the same page.
  • Fully responsive, lightweight, and touch-friendly.
  • Advanced Shortcode Generator.


YouTube to gallery is a free-to-use plugin. However, there is a pro version with more advanced features like player control, advanced query, statistics, and more.

2. Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube

Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube

Next up, I have Embed Plus, which is a feature-rich plugin to embed and customize YouTube galleries based on any YouTube playlists or channels you want.

It offers immense customization options in its dashboard; for example, you can allow users to play multiple videos within the gallery at once, set simultaneous playback controls, and many more.

The best part is, with this plugin, you can improve the initial loading time of your page by allowing JavaScript deferral so that the plugin’s script starts executing only after a page has loaded.

Key Features of Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube

  • Generate a grid-based responsive playlist by default.
  • Visitors can choose from videos that are pulled from an entire YouTube playlist.
  • Allows playing one video after the next automatically.
  • Choose to start a playlist with a specific video or automatically start with the most recently added video.
  • GDPR compliant.


It has both free and paid versions.

3. Elex WordPress Video Gallery

Elex WordPress Video Gallery

An API-based premium plugin that enables you to showcase fully customizable YouTube playlists or channels in the form of beautiful galleries.

With its personalization choices, you can add and fine-tune the YouTube gallery just the way you want to match it to the look of your website.

The amazing part is it allows you to add the subscribe button to every gallery of your website, which ultimately helps you to redirect the viewers to your channel.

It also helps you sync your channels or specific playlists manually while uploading a new video or automatically at preset intervals.

Besides that, with this plugin, you can create a unique mix of individual videos and playlists for each gallery you create in just a few minutes.

Key Features of Elex WordPress Video Gallery

  • Include an intro video at the top of your gallery
  • Allows auto sync galleries setting schedules like daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.
  • Add subscription buttons to the gallery.
  • Live preview to see exactly how the video gallery will look once saved.
  • Supports inline and popup play modes.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a premium plugin, so, at the time of writing this article, the cost for a single site license of this plugin is $79.

4. Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Another premium plugin on my list is the Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin. It is one of the most powerful plugins for adding both video and audio playlists to your WordPress site.

Just like the name of this plugin, it lets you create an unlimited number of playlists with unlimited YouTube videos.

Besides, by using this plugin, you will have so many advanced features and customization options to display the playlist just the way you want. From choosing the preferred skin for the playlist to enabling users to select subtitles and playback speed, positioning the playlist, etc., you will have many other features.

The unique part of this plugin is, with this one, you can monetize your videos using video advertising tools. So, if you are someone who is looking for a plugin with immense useful features, including advertisement support, you can consider this one.

Key Features of Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

  • Option to start at a playlist or video directly in the shortcode.
  • Generate video preview thumbnails directly from the video automatically.
  • Allows adding shareable links to the current playlist and video.
  • Support unlimited playlists with unlimited videos
  • Option to scroll the playlist when the mouse moves instead of the default scrollbar.


Right now, this premium plugin will cost you $69.

5. Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automatic YouTube Gallery

As the name suggests, with the automatic YouTube gallery plugin, you can create a video-sharing site and automate the entire process of adding video playlists to your site in no time.

All you need to do is add a YouTube playlist, username, channel, Custom URL, or search term. You can easily add the video gallery through the shortcode without coding.

Most importantly, it has a built-in caching system, so you don’t have to worry about your page load. Other than that, with its clear and beautiful admin interface, you will find it much more hassle-free to customize the YouTube playlist.

Key Features of Automatic YouTube Gallery

  • Allows creating unlimited video galleries.
  • 2 different playlist themes or layouts (Pro)
  • Auto embeds YouTube live streams.
  • Supports Gutenberg block and sidebar widget to add the video gallery.
  • GDPR compliant.


This plugin has both free and premium versions.

6. YouTube Showcase

YouTube Showcase

The YouTube showcase is the simplest plugin that lets you create video records on your WordPress website from custom Playlists, channels, user uploads, or even search results.

Compared to the other plugins in this list, this plugin does not have many customization options. Still, if you are a beginner and need a plugin that can help you design beautiful video galleries easily and quickly, this one can be a great help.

While customizing, you can select the video image resolution, autoplay setting, excerpt, display order, and others.

Key Features of YouTube Showcase

  • Two types of video galleries: basic and grid
  • Custom video comments to improve user engagement.
  • Display video stats.
  • 2 sidebar widgets (Featured Videos feed and Recent YouTube Videos feed).
  • Drag and drop ready-made widgets.
  • Longer videos can be paginated.


It is a free plugin, but to get the advanced features of YouTube playlists, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

7. Video Gallery By YotuWp

Video Gallery By YotuWp

Video Gallery by YotuWP is a feature-rich plugin that supports embedding YouTube videos from different sources like YouTube Playlist, channel, username, etc., in just 9 minutes.

It is a modern, responsible, and highly customizable plugin that can ensure better user engagement, keeping people on your site longer with its beautiful YouTube playlist.

It is just a matter of a few clicks to add a beautiful video gallery to your website with its flexible configurations of layouts, colors, players, thumbnails, and others.

With this plugin, you don’t have to do anything for the site speed, as it includes a high Google CDN and cache function to ensure faster loading.

Key Features of Yotuwp

  • Custom layout for displaying videos.
  • 5+ UI-style video thumbnails
  • Shows duration and metadata such as likes, comments, etc. (pro)
  • Icon hovers to make the gallery more visually appealing.
  • Allows overriding video title, description, etc., with your custom data


Video Gallery offers you both free and pro versions with amazing features and functionalities.

8. YouTuber

YouTuber, a fully-responsive and premium plugin

The YouTuber, a fully-responsive and premium plugin, allows you to embed and integrate YouTube playlists or channels into your website, creating video galleries.

You can create multiple video galleries and customize them with its in-built different video templates. Besides, with YouTuber, you will get 3 different customized widgets, including playlists. This means you can place your YouTube videos anywhere on your website.

In addition to adding YouTube playlists to your website, you will get another unique feature with this plugin, and that is it lets you upload videos to your YouTube channel directly from your WordPress website.

Key Features of YouTuber

  • 5 different playlist templates.
  • Infinite scroll for playlists.
  • Light and dark themes are included.
  • Widgets and lightbox included.
  • Optimized for WordPress caching.


You will get this plugin for $20.

9. Yourchannel

YourChannel is another beginner-friendly plugin

The YourChannel is another beginner-friendly plugin that you can use to show your playlist on your website and make it an engaging platform. In fact, you can add a playlist on your site in minutes as it requires minimal input from you to function properly.

It has some excellent features, including adding a custom playlist by entering video IDs, limiting the video number, displaying video collections on a single page that your viewers can watch simultaneously, and many more.

Additionally, if you want, you can let your users read your YouTube video comments from your site; all you need to do is enable displaying the comments after the video starts or before.

Key Features of Yourchannel

  • Sticky plates top show videos in the corner while users scrolls.
  • Inline & Lightbox players.
  • 3 subscription widget styles to convert website visitors to YouTube channels.
  • Display videos by search terms or live search (pro).
  • Blacklists or Whitelists, any playlist or video (pro).


The YourChannel plugin has both free and paid versions with additional features.

10. YouTube Embed

YouTube Embed

The YouTube embed is one of the most simple, fast, yet powerful plugins that you can use to build your own YouTube playlist and play them back just the way you want.

Usually, it generates a YouTube playlist automatically based on search text or username. In fact, you can display a collection of videos that users can play in sequence.

Best of all, you can let your users download the YouTube playlist from your website using this one. Though it is a free plugin, it features a lot of customization options and functionalities that are enough to embed YouTube videos into your WordPress website beautifully.

Key Features of YouTube Embed

  • Create a playlist based on the user’s uploads.
  • Dynamic video sizing for responsive sites.
  • Enable or disable autoplay, annotation, CC, full screen, and more.
  • Highly optimized for SEO, website loading speed, WordPress Video Overlay Ads, and more.
  • Enable or disable video metadata.


It’s a free-to-use plugin.

11. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

The last plugin on my list is the advanced responsive video embedder, which is mostly known as ARVE. It is designed considering simplicity and ease of use in mind; still, it is one of the most powerful plugins.

ARVE not only supports adding YouTube playlists on your WordPress site but also allows you to add videos from HTML5, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many many more platforms.

For faster indexing and better ranking in the SERP, you can specify titles and descriptions of your YouTube videos with Apart from that, it supports WYSIWYG, so you don’t need to go through any complicated coding to add the playlist to your site.

Key Features of Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

  • Allows displaying random videos from YouTube Playlist.
  • Add automatic or custom thumbnail images and titles.
  • Auto Pause of videos instantly when another is played.
  • 2 different hover and play icon styles to choose from.
  • Show the latest video of a YouTube channel by using the channel URL.


You can use this plugin for free; still, if you want to access the advanced features, get the pro version.

Ready to Display YouTube Playlist on Your WordPress Site?

So, there you have it; a list of tried and tested best YouTube playlist WordPress plugin both in paid and free versions.

These are my best recommendations for you that you can use to add YouTube playlists to your site with added features and functionalities.

After reading this guide, I hope now you know which plugin suits your needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the best one that meets your criteria and start engaging more and more viewers to your site with beautiful YouTube playlists.

NazmulTechnical SEO Analyst at - GiantMarketers

I'm Nazmul. I work as a Technical SEO Analyst at Giant Marketers, helping clients with all things related to technical SEO and the latest developments in search. My interest in the technical side of SEO was sparked early on in my digital marketing career, and has increased with each project I've worked on - both agency-side and now within SEO Tools.

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