10 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugin WordPress in 2023

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Looking for a YouTube video gallery plugin for your WordPress website?

WordPress features embedding YouTube videos in blog posts by default, but there is no option to display a list of videos in a gallery layout.

Needless to say, displaying YouTube video resources in a gallery on your WordPress site makes the site more organized and neat as well as helps to engage more with site visitors.

Fortunately, there are YouTube Video Gallery Plugins for WordPress, which can help you display all your YouTube videos in a gallery neatly, even without compromising on loading speed.

Out of tons of plugins, we’ve listed the 10 best WordPress YouTube video gallery plugin WordPress in this guide.

All these offer great features and let you add beautiful video galleries conveniently in minutes.

So, let’s dive into the post to explore which one you should pick for your website.

1. WordPress YouTube Video Slider – Ultimate Video Gallery

WordPress YouTube Video Slider – Ultimate Video Gallery

As the name implies, the WordPress YouTube video slider is the ultimate and one of the best free video gallery plugin WordPress in the market.

It lets you automatically display videos on your site from YouTube Channels, Playlists, Live Streams, and embeds in galleries to grab the audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd.

The best part about this plugin is it offers a multifunctional video gallery with a WordPress video carousel.

Besides, with this amazing plugin, you will be able to display all your YouTube videos in grid view, gallery slider, and popup view and turn your site into an organized and more engaging platform for visitors.

WordPress YouTube video slider - the best free video gallery plugin WordPress

This plugin is really responsive, really lightweight, and easy to use; all you need is to use the advanced shortcode and place it on your website. You don’t need to worry about your website speed and performance.

Each video has customizable details such as Button for a single video, button text, specific positions for Button, description length, dynamic width for the responsive video gallery, video order, video limit, and many many more.

You can also enable the Subscribe Button with live preview and different layouts to make it easy for website visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

WordPress YouTube Video Slider Features

  • Creates a video gallery with a YouTube video slider area to slide through.
  • Allows displaying videos on a lightbox with a popup view.
  • Uses the latest YouTube data API to retrieve the videos.
  • Automatic video import from YouTube playlists or user playlists.
  • Advanced Shortcode Generator.
  • Unlimited players/playlists on the same page.
  • Display Up Next Video Playlist
  • Allows customizing with dynamic width, matching duration, typography setting, background setting, and many more…

Pricing And Packages

It is a Free-to-use WordPress Plugin with exclusive features and functionalities.

2. Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube

Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube - feature-rich plugin for YouTube

Embed Plus is a feature-rich plugin for YouTube that offers to embed YouTube videos, channels, playlists, and even Livestream on your website.

This plugin allows you to create a playlist and channel with a gallery layout. By default, it offers a grid-based gallery which you can further customize by setting your preferences.

With this one, you can choose to play one video after the next automatically without any manual interactions.

Besides, you can choose between using a shortcode or using the “insert button” from the visual and text editor of wordpress to embed your YouTube video gallery.

Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube Features

  • Auto continuous play
  • The responsive gallery fits in all screen sizes.
  • Automatically finds the active Livestream and displays it on the site.
  • Easy “Insert” button for both the Visual and Text mode.
  • Alternate playlist and channel gallery styling (pro)
  • Lazy load YouTube embeds with eye-catching effects and animations (Pro)

Pricing And Packages

You can use this plugin for free. Still, it has different premium packages with extensive pro features and functionalities, which start at $39.99.

3. Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

Video Gallery by Total Soft supports YouTube, Vimeo, MP4, and Wistia

Video Gallery by Total Soft supports YouTube, Vimeo, MP4, and Wistia as well and makes it easy for you to build a video gallery without even writing a single line of code on your WordPress site.

The best part of this plugin is users can utilize their creative editing skills with its customization options while composing a video collection slideshow.

With this one, you will get a large bouquet of different themes, which lets you add an unlimited number of videos and beautiful galleries to your website.

Besides, you also have the option to choose from 9 gallery layouts, 16 free gallery themes, gallery animations, hover effects, pagination, and many more.

Video Gallery  – YouTube Gallery Features

  • 16 different themes and 9 Gallery layouts.
  • Fully responsive and touch-friendly.
  • Unlimited Shortcode Generator.
  • Allows changing the color, font style, icon, effects, etc. (pro)
  • 100+ unrepeatable and multifunctional hover effects (pro)
  • Support all major WordPress versions.

Pricing And Packages

This plugin offers both free and paid versions for businesses and developers. However, the premium version of this plugin comes with hundreds more effects, styling options, fonts, and additional features and benefits.

4. All-In-One Video Gallery

All-In-One Video Gallery for wordpress

This video gallery plugin is suitable for all kinds of websites without requiring a single source of coding. With this one, you can add a video gallery to your website in Grid or List view.

It will help you to add the most beautiful, SEO-optimized, and fastest video galleries in minutes.

The great part of this plugin is, it allows you to customize the logo, branding, and context menu of your website.

You can add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,  Facebook, and more videos to your site. Other than that, you can customize your gallery with play/pause buttons, a progress bar, duration, timer, speed control, volume button, full-screen button, share buttons, and so many other options.

All-In-One Video Gallery Features

  • Different playback options like Playback options: autoplay, loop, muted, and preload.
  • Allows adding embed code from any third-party video players.
  • Display galleries in grid and list layouts.
  • Numeric Pagination for the large galleries.
  • Import videos automatically from YouTube playlists, channels, etc. (pro)

Pricing And Packages

This plugin also comes with free and premium versions. The premium version offers some additional video file formats, gallery templates, custom logos, and branding with other extensive functions.

5. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery - drag-and-drop gallery builder plugin for wordpress

Envira Gallery is a great drag-and-drop gallery builder plugin that is so easy to use that you can handle all things on your own without any help from a developer.

It supports adding videos from YouTube to Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion, Twitch, VideoPress, and even self-hosted videos in your gallery.

With the pre-build templates, you will find customizing your video galleries much more convenient and quicker and give your website a perfect look.

Additionally, this plugin has a slideshow option and lightbox mode to make website video galleries more engaging.

Envira Gallery Features

  • Compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more.
  • Easy to customize and use drag-and-drop builder.
  • Completely Mobile Ready, SEO-Friendly, and Optimized For Speed.
  • Integrated with social media and WooCommerce stores.
  • Beautiful layouts and templates for customization
  • Includes slideshow with autoplay, manual controls, and more.

Pricing And Packages

You can use this plugin for free. But, if you want to access its premium features, you need to go with its pro packages. Envira Gallery offers 4 different pro packages, for example, lifetime, pro, plus, and basic.

The best part is, it has a 14 days no-risk money-back guarantee. So, you can try this plugin to see how it works.

6. Feeds For YouTube By Smash Balloon

Feeds for YouTube by Smash Balloon - customizable plugin

Feeds for YouTube, developed by Smash Balloon, is a completely customizable plugin that displays YouTube videos on your website automatically.

You can choose between a list, gallery, or grid layout to format your video gallery on your website.

Best of all, with the premium version, you will get to enhance your video gallery functionality by combining multiple feeds into one and displaying your website YouTube feed in a carousel slider.

If you are looking for an easy solution to display your YouTube channel’s content in a gallery view matching your website’s style, this plugin is for you.

Feeds For YouTube By Smash Balloon Features

  • Display videos in a list, gallery, or grid layout.
  • Allows multiple feeds from different YouTube channels.
  • Built-in YouTube Feed Widget
  • Integrate the YouTube Live API to show live streaming (pro)
  • filtering of videos using keywords in the description or title (pro)
  • custom post type to allow visitors to browse and view videos (pro)

Pricing And Packages

Along with the free version, this powerful YouTube video gallery plugin also offers 4 different pro packages with advanced features. Besides that, you will also get a 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee.

7. Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automatic YouTube Gallery for wordpress website

As the name refers, this plugin will help you to add dynamic and responsive YouTube video galleries to your wordpress website automatically.

With this simple plugin, you can automate your website’s YouTube video gallery connecting your website to the YouTube channel and using different sources like username, channel, playlist, search term, and custom YouTube URLs list.

If you are up for adding unlimited responsive and lightweight YouTube video galleries on your website using no coding, this one is the perfect plugin.

Automatic YouTube Gallery Features

  • Auto Embed Live Stream
  • Shortcode Builder
  • User-friendly admin interface
  • Allows creating unlimited video galleries.
  • 6 gallery layouts or themes like Classic, Inline, Popup, Slider, playlist, and Sidebar widget (pro).

Pricing And Packages

The automatic YouTube gallery plugin has both free and paid versions. You can upgrade to the pro version either for your single-site, 3 sites, or 5 sites license.

8. Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery By Yotuwp

Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery By Yotuwp

Video Gallery by YotuWP provides a mobile responsive and unique gallery to embed YouTube videos on your website.

It takes only 9 minutes to add video resources to your gallery, from playlists, channels, usernames, lists of video IDs, and embedding a single video with a video URL only.

To customize your YouTube video gallery with this plugin, you can choose from different layouts (grid, list, and mix), styles, and effects and ensure to keep your visitors engaged longer on your website.

Besides, if you want to display the video gallery on specific pages and posts, you can do this by using the shortcode generated by YotuWP.

YotuWP Features

  • Custom layout for displaying videos
  • Compatible with page builders via Shortcode Generator.
  • Choose between layouts like grid, list, and mix.
  • 7+ thumbnail styles and 30+ hover effects (pro)
  • Flip Layout with 40+ effects (pro)
  • Included video duration, views, comments, like count, video published date, auto next video, etc (pro).

Pricing And Packages

You can use this plugin for free with limited features and functions.

But, if you want to power up your website with extensive features and customization options, you can go for the pro version, which comes in personal, business, and unlimited pro packages.

Additionally, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days.

9. ELEX WordPress Embed YouTube Video Gallery

ELEX WordPress embed YouTube video gallery plugin

ELEX WordPress embed YouTube video gallery plugin is a premium plugin that enables you to display YouTube videos in a Gallery on your website.

You can create a video gallery from your videos in no time and automatically sync videos, playlists, and even entire YouTube channels manually every time you upload a new video.

Best of all you can also sync channels or playlists automatically in predefined intervals like daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly.

With its numerous customization options, you can fine-tune almost everything, and present your YouTube galleries just the way you want, so they match the look of your website.

ELEX Features

  • YouTube API Authorization
  • Auto-sync gallery on a set schedule
  • Allows customizing layouts, colors, and navigation controls.
  • Live preview to see how it will look once saved.
  • Supports inline and pop-up play modes

Pricing And Packages

This premium plugin offers 3 different license types for a single site, up to 5 sites, and up to 25 sites. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a refund within 30 days.

10. Video Gallery By OriginCode

Video Gallery by OriginCode - multifunctional responsive video gallery

Video Gallery by OriginCode is a multifunctional responsive video gallery plugin that helps you to showcase YouTube as well as Vimeo videos on your website.

You can either create separate YouTube and Vimeo video galleries or mix both platforms’ videos in a single gallery.

With this one, you will get 7 different views like slide, blog-style, and thumbnail views to choose from for your gallery to match best with the WordPress website.

This plugin is so convenient and easy to use that it only takes a few minutes to create a YouTube video gallery and display videos on any page or post using the provided shortcode.

Video Gallery By OriginCode Features

  • 7 design view
  • Allows changing color, font size, and other changes.
  • Advanced shortcode enabled.
  • Choose how many projects to display per page.
  • Add unlimited videos in a single gallery.

Pricing And Packages

It comes in both free and paid versions. The pro version of this plugin offers a single site, 5 sites, and unlimited site licenses which start at $19.99.

It’s a Wrap

So, these are our best YouTube video gallery plugin for WordPress, which are tested and proven to enable you to create video galleries and display all your YouTube videos on your website.

We hope, from these 10 best YouTube video gallery plugin WordPress, you can find the most suitable plugin for your site.

These will definitely improve your user experience and help you boost your ranking, and drive more traffic to your site.

NazmulTechnical SEO Analyst at - Microters

I'm Nazmul. I work as a Technical SEO Analyst at Giant Marketers, helping clients with all things related to technical SEO and the latest developments in search. My interest in the technical side of SEO was sparked early on in my digital marketing career, and has increased with each project I've worked on - both agency-side and now within SEO Tools.

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