Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Purchased One of Your Pro Plugins, but Nothing Is Showing After Activation, Why?

The PRO version of our plugins requires the free versions to work properly. You need to download and activate the free versions to enjoy the features of the PRO versions. If you do not already have the free version, then you can download it from here.

I Have Done Everything Right, but My Category Slider/showcase Is Not Working Properly.

Though the real reason is quite hard to predict, there are a few common issues behind this problem. One of the leading problems is pre or other HTML tags that enclose the shortcode. Switch your editors to check if the slider/showcase short code is surrounded by any other tags. If you are using the latest version of WordPress, which has the new Gutenberg editor as default, or using it as a plugin, make sure to select shortcode when inserting a new block. This will keep you out of trouble. Other issues occur mostly due to conflicts with your theme or other plugins. Feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

How Long Will My License Be Valid After Purchase?

The license is valid for one year. After that, you can renew your license. But if you do not want to renew, you will be able to use the plugin after the expiration, but will not receive any further updates and live customer support.

Can I Ask for a Refund?

Of course, you can ask for a refund, but we have a refund policy, and we expect you to respect that policy. If your claim is valid and satisfies our refund policy, we will definitely refund you.

How Frequently Do You Update Your Products?

We are always on our toes to ensure the best experience for our customers. You can expect regular updates from us. If any specific issue arises, we try our best to fix and offer updates immediately.