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Grab the visitors’ attention and make a visual impact by using YouTube videos on your WordPress site with our WordPress YouTube video slider plugin.

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YouTube Video Slider is the latest API-based WordPress video gallery plugin that is responsive and offers thumbnails and other customization options.

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Overview :

YouTube Video Slider is the latest API-based WordPress video gallery plugin that is responsive and offers thumbnails and other customization options. You can display videos from YouTube Channels, Playlists, Live Streams, and embedded videos on your website using it.

It comes in a multifunctional video gallery with a WordPress video carousel and other features as well to help you display videos. You can turn your website into an engagement platform with this best video slider plugin. Additionally, you can choose from a gallery, slider, or grid view for the selected videos with the free video slider plugin.

Using WordPress YouTube Video Slider, you can upload videos and show them to your fan-followers without requiring more storage or bandwidth. So, if you are a professional YouTuber, you can make the most out of this plugin to engage your potential audience with your YouTube videos.

Premium Features :

  • Uses the latest YouTube data API.
  • Fully Responsive, Lightweight, Fast & Easy to use.
  • UI Touch-friendly.
  • WordPress video carousel plugin free.
  • Automatic video import from YouTube playlists or user playlists.
  • Advanced Shortcode Generator.
  • Extremely User-friendly Admin Panel.
  • Videos from YouTube Playlist or Channel.
  • Show a single video via a clickable button.
  • Subscribe Button with live preview and different layouts.
  • Button for a single video.
  • Button text.
  • Specific positions for Button.
  • Minimal and Scrollable theme for the Gallery.
  • Multiple Showcase. (Unlimited players/playlists into the same page)
  • Unique settings for each showcase.
  • Grid columns.
  • Show/Hide video title and description.
  • Description length.
  • Dynamic width for the responsive video gallery.
  • Video order.
  • Video limit.
  • Matching duration.
  • Typography setting.
  • Background setting.
  • Multisite Supported.
  • Multilingual Ready.
  • Advanced Settings to enqueue or dequeue Scripts/CSS.
  • Custom CSS field to override styles.
  • Developer-friendly & easy to customize.
  • Powerful search queries.
  • SEO friendly & optimized for speed.asdf
  • Support all modern browsers.asdf
  • And many more lovely features.

WordPress YouTube Video Slider Allows 4 Display Options :

  • Video Gallery: Create a beautiful video gallery with YouTube videos using some specific functions.
  • Grid View: Displays YouTube videos as a graphical control element that presents a tabular view of videos.
  • Gallery Slider: You can slide and choose a specific video to play from the YouTube Video Slider in this video gallery.
  • Pop-Up View: The video appears in another window, such as a Lightbox, without loading the current page when you click the mouse or press the function key.

-: Exclusive Features :-

WordPress YouTube Video Slider plugin has some smart and useful features with added flexibility.

Retrieve Video Through API

This plugin allows you to retrieve your YouTube videos through API and create beautiful video galleries in grid, pop-up, and gallery slider view.

Display Up Next Video Playlist

With this WordPress YouTube Video Slider plugin, you can easily display all your up next list of YouTube videos of your playlist on your WordPress site.

Advanced Shortcode Generator

The intuitive shortcode generator doesn’t require manual coding, as with this plugin, your review box’s markup will be created automatically.

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Readymade DesignOnly FewAll Access
Content Custom Color5+15+
Content Custom Typographyxx
Content Custom Spacingxx
Individual Groundxx
Active Math Queryxx
Content Animationxx
Advanced Global Settingsxx
Priority Supportxx

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to open a support ticket.

How do I create a YouTube gallery in WordPress? How do I create a YouTube gallery in WordPress?

To create a YouTube gallery in wordpress, install and activate the WordPress YouTube Video Slider. Once you activate this plugin, you’ll see a button like YouTube Gallery in your WordPress dashboard.

Click through it, and if you want, you can make some changes and then publish. After that, you’ll get a shortcode just under the publish button. Simply copy that shortcode and paste it anywhere you want.

How do you save a video from YouTube to your gallery? How do you save a video from YouTube to your gallery?

At first, you need to save your playlist from YouTube. To save the playlist, you just need to click the button with three dots then choose to save to playlist, and then create a new playlist. Once done, go to your WordPress dashboard, select YouTube gallery > manage gallery > playlist ID. Now, paste the playlist ID into this box and save the changes.

How do I get a YouTube API key? How do I get a YouTube API key?

Go to the YouTube gallery from WordPress, select settings, and click through the button “How to get an API key,” and from here, select the Google API console. After selecting, a prompt will appear, where you need to put a tick on both the options and click agree and continue. Now, choose the Credential button from the API & Service page, select Create project, fill the form by putting your project name and location, and then select Create. Once the API key is created, select the (+) button and create credentials > API Key.

Lastly, copy and paste the API Key to your WordPress dashboard’s API Key box. Save the changes, and visit the main page to see the video.

How do I embed a YouTube video into my website? How do I embed a YouTube video into my website?

Select YouTube Gallery from the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Add New. Give a title to the appeared page; you can change the display mode if needed, then copy and paste your video ID into the video ID box and publish it. Next, copy the shortcode and paste it just like before beneath the first one and update it.

How can I get support if the plugin is not working? How can I get support if the plugin is not working?

If something is not working as it should, or this plugin causes any issues, first follow the steps:

  • Test this plugin using the WordPress default theme. This way, you can make sure that your currently used themes do not cause the error.
  • Deactivate all your currently using plugins and check if the problem is still occurring.
If none of these actions helps you solve the problem, you can submit a ticket on our support page and describe your difficulty accurately. Don’t forget to specify the WordPress and plugin versions you are using and any other information that might help us solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Can I get a custom Features for my site? Can I get a custom Features for my site?

Yes! You can contact us here to get a custom feature. We’ll reply to you ASAP.

Can I get a custom Features for my site? Can I get a custom Features for my site?

Yes! Why not. To get a custom feature simply contact us here. We’ll reply to you ASAP.

How do you accept payments? How do you accept payments?

We accept payments via International credit cards and PayPal. Also, you can reach out via our Contact Support Page for further clarification.

Is there a Refund Policy? Tell me more. Is there a Refund Policy? Tell me more.

We are committed to offering the best possible experience via our Editorial WordPress Review System plugin. Still, if you are unhappy with it, we have a 14-Day refund policy for you.

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